Don’t miss out on that Internal Promotion

This infographic outlines 10 steps to take to help you win that internal role.

Do you find you’ve been applying for those internal roles without much success? Perhaps you need to work on your salary negotiation skills, or follow the dress rules when it comes to job interviews.

Are you unknowingly sabotaging yourself when it comes to internal job applications? Do you assume too much and not prepare properly for the interview process?

One of the services we are sometimes asked to deliver is to an organisation which is doing an internal restructure where employees are asked to reapply for new roles.  We deliver our Career Decision program to help individual staff members decide whether they wish to participate in the process. And, if the answer is yes, we then swing into action to help them apply for the new internal roles with as much skill as possible. Application letters, résumés and interview skills – these employees get our full support at every stage.

That’s all very well if your organisation provides you with such support, but what to do if you are left to your own devices? Or, what is if there is no restructure – you’re just applying for another role in your organisation?

Access an Expert

The first thing I suggest is to either find an astute friend or pay an expert. I can remember years ago when I left my first job. One of my colleagues helped me write a marvellous résumé that stripped out industry specific jargon, sold my transferable skills and worked a treat out in the market place. Thanks, Eileen. If you are job seeking in the Visible Job Market, a strong résumé is absolutely critical.

If you don’t have an “Eileen” in your life, it might help for you to ask yourself how much you like working for your organisation and how much it is worth investing in that?

A skilled Career Consultant will help you achieve what I call the “Halo” effect – not just that you win the role, but that your new boss can’t wait for you to start.

Don’t take anything for granted

Whether you seek external support or not, at a minimum, go through the whole process very seriously and with rigour. Don’t rely on…

your track record…

the fact that your employer knows you…

that you have done well in the role to date…

that they know what you are capable of.

Pretend that you are an external candidate and do everything properly.

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