Are you applying for lots of jobs but just not making it through to the interview? Perhaps it’s your Cover Letter letting you down? Or perhaps it’s your résumé?

This infographic provides the ultimate tips on how to write a winning résumé that will have the employer thinking ‘wow, I can’t wait to meet this person’.

Does your résumé swing the balance of power to you in the formal Job Market?

I love it when people tell me that they got their job without using a résumé.  Such people seem to have both sides of the “Me Ltd” equation down pat.  As I discuss in one of my earlier blogs Career Mastery – Me Ltd, I believe that we have true employability if at least once a year someone tries to tempt us away from our current role and says: “Please come and work for us”.

However, most people I work with use a résumé as part of their Job Search campaign. 

And, at the risk of sounding harsh, the vast majority of people have ineffective résumés. No matter how intelligent they are or how strategic, the “Wow” factor just does not seem to translate across into this most important document.

My aim, when I help people to develop a résumé, is for the document to start to swing the balance of power towards them in the recruitment process.  I am not satisfied with a document that lands them in the “Yes” pile for interviews; I want them to be the one the prospective employer measures all others against.

There are two issues to consider here, both almost of equal importance and I recommend that you find an “astute” person to help you cover both bases.