Infographic with 4 Steps to write a winning resume.

The marketplace reality is that for every job advertised there can be up to 250 résumés for the employer to consider.

The average time a Recruiter spends looking at a resume is 7-9 seconds and most Recruiters will reject a résumé before even reaching the end!

You’re going to need to play your A Game to make it to the top of the ‘Yes’ pile.

Here are our top tips for 2022 to help you write a résumé that explodes!

#1 – Create an attractive résumé: use a modern font and make sure that the spacing and heading sizes make sense.

# 2 – Focus on page 1 and the role: if you can’t win them over on Page one, they won’t turn the page.

# 3- Craft strong achievements: focus on the specifics of where you added value, using numbers wherever possible.

# 4 – Obey the conventions: don’t use personal pronouns such as ‘I’ or ‘my’ or ‘our’.

Having a strong and persuasive résumé will help to add to your confidence and ultimately your conversion rate.

This means that you need to apply for fewer roles before finding the job of your dreams!