Are you no longer enjoying your current job…bored…unsatisfied? Perhaps it’s time for a career change? An MBTI personality assessment may be on the cards, along with some visualisation!

Our Infographic reveals the steps you need to take to help you achieve happiness at work.

Step 1 – Explore your options.
Do you want to stay in your current job? Perhaps you’re considering starting a consulting practice? Or else you want to start over in a new organisation.

Step 2 – Analyse 4 critical career elements to establish your ideal world.
Activities you are interested in and are skilled in…experiences that fit in with your career values…work colleagues you most easily connect with…and work that suits your personality preferences.

Step 3 – Imagine your life in 5 years.
What do you want for your family, financial circumstances, spirituality or health, for example.

Step 4 – Use visualisation to achieve this dream.
This technique can help you to make the link between dreams and reality.

Step 5 – Work backwards to link today’s reality to tomorrow’s dream.
That way, you will be able to identify the next logical steps to take.

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