Infographic on 6 resume statistics with tips to help you win the interview. By Catherine Cunningham - Adelaide Career Consulting.


This Infographic covers 6 résumé statistics you should consider when creating this important document.

I’m often approached by someone who is in despair about their lack of job search success.

One of the first questions I ask relates to their conversion rate.

By that I mean, how many applications result in an interview and how many interviews lead to a job offer. Most people are surprised that I ask this question. In turn, I am shocked that job seekers could ignore such basic analysis. How can you work out what needs to change if you haven’t dissected the numbers?

We’re all familiar with the quote about lies, damned lies and statistics. Still, sometimes numbers can be your friend.

On average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 résumés. Of those candidates, 4 to 6 will get called for an interview, and only one will get the job.

This may be depressing, but it’s also quite telling. Clearly, the greatest hurdle lies pre-interview. Here is a list of common errors:

1.      Applying for a job where you don’t meet at least 85% of the core criteria

2.      Sending in a bad Cover Letter or not doing one at all

3.      Submitting a weak résumé

This Infographic focuses on the résumé and highlights 6 statistics from key sources such as Glassdoor, Jobvite, Careerbuilder and Zety so that you make it to the interview stage.

1 – Recruiters take 6 seconds to scan a résumé
Firstly, here – less is more

2 – 54% of recruiters reject a generic résumé
Identify key words from the ad and position description

3 – 16% of employers want a résumé linked to a personal blog, website or portfolio

4 – 69% of résumé errors involve missing achievements
Follow the pattern action + result

5 – 60% use your résumé to assess cultural fit
Use language from their sector which they would relate to

6 – 67% of recruiters look for relevant job experience
Include a 4-5 line table with most relevant roles on Page

Finally, accompany your résumé with an excellent one-page Cover Letter.