Infographic on 6 resume statistics with tips to help you win the interview. By Catherine Cunningham - Adelaide Career Consulting.

This Infographic covers 6 résumé statistics you should consider when creating this important document.

The statistics are found from key sources such as Glassdoor, Jobvite, Careerbuilder and Zety so that you make it to the interview stage.

Let’s take a closer look at the tips covered:

1 – Recruiters take 6 seconds to scan a résumé
Firstly, here – less is more

2 – 54% of recruiters reject a generic résumé
Identify key words from the ad and position description

3 – 16% of employers want a résumé linked to a personal blog, website or portfolio

4 – 69% of résumé errors involve missing achievements
Follow the pattern action + result

5 – 60% use your résumé to assess cultural fit
Use language from their sector which they would relate to

6 – 67% of recruiters look for relevant job experience
Include a 4-5 line table with most relevant roles on Page