Infographic outlining 7 ways you can charm your interviewer and win the job. By Catherine Cunningham of Adelaide's Career Consultancy.

How to Increase your Likeability and Confidence Score

This infographic provides 7 interview tips to help you charm your interviewer and win the job.

My client, Ernesto, was almost certainly right, so truly charming and self confident was he. (He then sensibly added that, of course, he still made sure that he delivered the right content in the interview to reinforce his likeability.)

Ernesto understood the importance of that famous saying, ‘People will buy from people they know…like…and trust.’

And Ernesto’s experience is reinforced by latest research cited in a Harvard Business Review article which found that:

  1. More likable leaders had higher odds of getting hired for any leadership position.
  2. Highly confident candidates were 2.5 times more likely to be hired than less confident applicants.

This is simple common sense. But… are you sure that you approach a job interview with common sense, really using your brain to analyse the best approach? And…do you then translate the theory into performance?

To get you started, here are 7 Likeability and Self Confidence tips to help you excel at interviews.

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