Latest insider tips for 2024 success. It’s time to put your career front-of-mind! Here are 8 tips to help you find happiness at work in 2024.

Tip 1:  Consider micro-credentials. 
Short courses are a great way to upskill without needing a degree.

Tip 2:  Meet new people.
When you’re ready to move, you’ll have connections who may be valuable.

Tip 3:  Take a new broom to your job. 
Rate it for enjoyment.  Eliminate unpleasant task where possible.

Tip 4:  Clarify goals with your boss.
Focus on key activities for 2024 and re-connect with your boss.

Tip 5:  Be brave tackle job search networking! Your dream job may be just a phone call away. 

Tip 6: Turn the table on employers. 
Research potential employers for fit before making the move.

Tip 7: Understand that coding is the new orange. 
AI in the workplace is here to stay.  Learn coding and stay up to date.

Take charge of your future, so that you have a future!