Winning your dream role starts with winning over your prospective employer. In this video I cover 6 tips on how to create a modern and attractive résumé.

Even if the content of your résumé is persuasive, you won’t impress anyone if it’s messy, untidy and…ugly!

How to create a modern & attractive résumé…

Here are 6 design elements to guarantee a great résumé.

#1 Select a modern front such as – calibri – lato – corbel – candara.

#2 Select the correct font size 10.5 – 11 pt font size generally works well.

#3 Remove old style formatting. Remove underlining & shading. Limit upper case & italics. Avoid headings in boxes.

#4 Review the use of colours. Think carefully about colour choices.  Black & white is safer, especially when printing.

#5 Space the content logically. Make sure the reader can clearly understand where your information belongs.

#6 Establish a hierarchy with headings. Each heading size needs to make sense.

Check in on your résumé’s appearance every few years and update if necessary.

A strong, persuasive résumé adds to your confidence and can help you win your dream role!