No matter your career issue, we offer a range of services that have YOU at the centre. Choose from the list below or simply give us a call to chat about how we can help you.

Résumé: Do It Yourself


As an Executive, you are incredibly busy but you like to control your
written self-marketing content. And what could be more important than your
résumé? At the first session, our Director, Catherine Cunningham, will explain to
you clearly how to construct a strong résumé. Then, it’s over to you.

Once you’ve completed your draft, you meet Catherine again to refine your résumé until you are happy with it.  You end up with an outstanding self-marketing document that positions you as the preeminent Executive.

Time for a Career Change


Perhaps, you’re looking to move into a different sector, or even trade down. Whatever the case, you have a lot at stake and it’s worth consulting an expert to ensure you don’t make a mistake. In this two hour program, you will first complete a series of online career exercises, including an assessment of your preferences using the Myers Briggs Stage II Interpretive Report.

Then, you will meet with our Director to make sense of the data and to use it to formulate a plan going forward.  The result – an understanding of EXACTLY what gives you career satisfaction and a concrete action plan to attain it.

Stay on Track with Your Career


Life at the top can be lonely and challenging. Accessing an Executive Coach is important but you also need the occasional audit by an expert CAREER coach. No one else can give you an informed supportive opinion on critical career elements for you to master.

Discover the power of “Me Ltd” and assess your performance against Best Practice. This two-hour program is with our Director, Catherine Cunningham, who can help you to stay on track with your career.

Career Chin Wag


You’ve looked at our range of services and none of them quite fit. Or, you’re not sure where to start. In this one-hour face to face meeting with our Director, you are in charge.

You may be after a review of your résumé or LinkedIn profile, you may wish to have a quick career discussion or you may wish to pick your consultant’s brain to access their market knowledge.  It’s up to you.

LinkedIn Profile


With the rise and rise of LinkedIn, having a quality LinkedIn profile is as important as a quality résumé. What a lot of executives do not realise is that many employers and headhunters cross check both your résumé and your LinkedIn profile and it is important that these two critical profiles complement and support each other.

Harness our expert knowledge on how best to present your profile online, obtain highest level rankings on the search engines and achieve maximum visibility when you are seeking new employment opportunities.

My Career Rules!


Recipes to Crack the Career Code in 21st Century Australia

Follow the advice in My Career Rules! and you will be able to:

  • Plot your way to a new job that meets your desires and ambitions
  • Master the art of selling yourself in interviews and cover letters
  • Navigate the stormy waters of social media career marketing
  • Re-invent yourself and move into a new industry using targeted networking

It is possible to be happy at work and to sleep at night without worrying about job security. My Career Rules! sets you on the right path to attain Career Mastery now and into the future.

Salary Negotiation


As an Executive, it is not only important that you feel comfortable with your remuneration in a new job, you can use Salary Negotiation to establish your reputation as a skilled, astute negotiator and win the respect of your new employer.

In this one hour session, you will cover all elements of successful salary negotiation, and cover off on critical contract issues to protect you down the track.

Interview Skills


Interviews for executive positions are complex and challenging. You must not only confidently articulate your skills and achievements to date and how you will apply them to your potential future role, but describe your vision for the future and the measurable benefits you will bring to the role.

You need to engage the interviewer with compelling stories – the hiring manager is looking for someone who communicates well up to Board level, and who can lead and inspire his or her staff.

You will work directly with the Director, Catherine Cunningham, over 2 separate 1 hour sessions. We will review your background and the role selection criteria and use this information to tailor the session to be most relevant for your upcoming interview.

You will run through mock interview scenarios. You can expect a rigorous, tough-minded analysis of your answers, and detailed suggestions of more skilled, compelling and memorable responses.



It may be that you have been made redundant and have been floundering in job search for some time. Or, you may need help to find a new Executive role. Either way, having someone to champion you through is a powerful bonus.

You will work with our Director, Catherine Cunningham, who will give you a better grasp of today’s executive job search, and how to outcompete and attract opportunities, even in a volatile economy and challenging job market. Your 6 hour programme will:

  • Provide you with advanced support with résumés, Job Search and interview process
  • Focus on your unique brand messaging and value proposition designed to resonate with your target employers
  • Differentiate you from your competitors