No matter your career issue, we offer a range of services that have YOU at the centre. Choose from the list below or simply give us a call to chat about how we can help you.

LinkedIn Profile


Despite a flood of imitators, nobody has yet invented a more powerful website for facilitating career and business networking success than LinkedIn. LinkedIn is more than just a business advertising board: used properly, it is a cost and time-effective tool to help you manage your presence in YOUR marketplace. 

In this session, we focus on your current career and highlight how to use the power of LinkedIn to help you become a recognised and influential player.

Your LinkedIn profile development will include advice on how to create fresh, brand-reinforcing content.

Résumé – Do It Yourself


As a professional, you understand the need to master the technique of selling yourself well in this most critical career document – the résumé.

At the first session, your Executive Consultant will ensure that you understand exactly what to put in a strong résumé and how to write this content. It’s a rigorous and skilled approach to résumés.  We’ll provide you with numerous résumé templates for you to choose from as well as sample content. 

Then, it’s over to you.  Once you’ve completed your draft, you meet your Senior Consultant again for another one hour session.  Together, you refine your draft résumé until you are both happy with it.  You will end up with an outstanding résumé that positions you as an outstanding candidate.  You will understand the theory of excellence in résumé writing and you will have put it into practice.

Staying on Track with your Career


You’re working at a senior level and enjoying your work but now it’s time to review next steps. You might be aiming at an executive role or wanting to broaden your technical skill set.  Or, you might be missing out on internal promotions without being sure why.

Discover the power of “Me Ltd” and assess your performance against Best Practice.  In this two hour program with an Executive Consultant, you are in charge.  Choose from a range of topics to ensure that your career moves at the pace and in the direction you want.

Time For A Career Change


It’s time to review whether your original career drivers still hold true. In this two hour program, you will first complete a series of online career exercises, including an assessment of your preferences using the Myers Briggs Stage II Interpretive Report.

Then, you will meet with your Executive Consultant, to make sense of the data and to use it to formulate a plan going forward.  The result – an understanding of EXACTLY what gives you career satisfaction and a concrete action plan to attain it.

Salary Negotiation Skills


You know that you’ll perform well for your new employer and want to ensure that you receive fair remuneration. What to say / what to do to achieve your aims without alienating your new boss?

In this one-hour session with an Executive Consultant,  you will learn the secrets of the 3 key elements of successful Salary Negotiation and how to protect yourself in the final contract stage.

Interview Skills


Whether you are going for a new job, a promotion or even have to interview for a job you already have, your Interview Skills Coaching will give you enthusiasm, energy, clarity and above all confidence to give the best possible interview. This service is delivered over 2 separate one-hour sessions where you will:

  • Undergo plenty of practice including a mock interview
  • Create compelling answers to common interview questions
  • Receive constructive feedback to improve your performance



If you have been made redundant, we are here to help you with a personalised Outplacement program. You will work with one of our Executive Consultants who have been career professionals for many years.

We’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge to help you demystify today’s job search experience.  We’re also really good at confidence-boosting.The design, content and style of delivery is always built around your needs to ensure that you get the best possible help that we can provide. Your 6 hour programme will:

  • clarify your skills and strengths
  • provide you with clear steps to achieve a successful career transition
  • deliver practical support through the résumé, Job Search and interview process

Job Search Networking


Tap into our expertise as we coach you in the intricacies of Job Search networking.

We’re NOT talking about sipping champagne at a function; networking is a tight process where you uncover leads and get in front of your decision maker, so that you win the job instead of your competitors who are stuck conducting their campaign in the visible market.

Career Chin Wag


You’ve looked at our range of services and none of them quite fit. Or, you’re not sure where to start. In this one-hour face to face meeting with an Executive Consultant, you are in charge.

You may be after a review of your résumé or LinkedIn profile, you may wish to have a quick career discussion or you may wish to pick your consultant’s brain to access their market knowledge.  It’s up to you.

My Career Rules!


Recipes to Crack the Career Code in 21st Century Australia

Follow the advice in My Career Rules! and you will be able to:

  • Plot your way to a new job that meets your desires and ambitions
  • Master the art of selling yourself in interviews and cover letters
  • Navigate the stormy waters of social media career marketing
  • Re-invent yourself and move into a new industry using targeted networking

It is possible to be happy at work and to sleep at night without worrying about job security. My Career Rules! sets you on the right path to attain Career Mastery now and into the future.