This infographic looks at recruitment from a candidate’s perspective and offers tips to help hiring managers find the top candidates

Are you looking to recruit?  
Do you know what candidates want from you?  

Statistics show that 62% of employers say the labour market is driven by candidates.   And 65% of recruiters say that talent shortage is their biggest challenge.  

Lean, agile and dynamic?   Does that describe your recruitment practices?
Guess who’s King of the Jungle NOW?  

If you want top recruits to sign up with you then this infographic outlines the 5 errors to avoid.    

1. Don’t pin candidates down at the start about salary.  
Professionals don’t like nominating salary on your online recruitment portal.   You’re asking the employee to help you to negotiate against them. They expect you to provide this information.  

What job seekers expect to find on a PD? Salary 74% Total benefits package 61%.

2. Show respect. Do what you said you were going to do.  
Good candidates are busy people. Don’t expect them to wait until you deign to contact them.     Almost 60% of job seekers report having a poor candidate experience.    

3. Don’t be a sloth.  Move the process along with speed.    
Candidates have other roles they are investigating. They judge slow recruitment very severely and won’t wait for you.   60% of potential candidates have quit a job application process because it was too lengthy.      

Keep your application requirements to résumé and Cover Letter. Gone are the days when applicants want to address endless criteria.  Learn to assess the content of a résumé and Cover Letter to select for interview.    

4. Understand they are evaluating you.    
Sensible candidates perform due diligence before an interview. Then, they look for clues to reinforce this information.   The average job seeker reads at least six reviews in the process of forming an opinion on a company.

5. Behave properly in the interview. Obey Body Language rules.  
All societies have strict Body Language rules. Show good manners and respect.   80% of people would take one job over another based on personal relationships formed during the interview process.    

Recruitment in Boom Times  
The world is a small place when it comes to a bad reputation.   Of those 60% who had a poor candidate experience, 72% shared information on it online or directly with others.    

Recognise that recruitment is a process where both parties have power.   Make it fast and efficient.   But most of all it, make it respectful.   It can be done.            

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