Infographic on 4 Body Language Errors that kill your interview & what to do about it. By Catherine Cunningham from The Career Consultancy.

Is your Body Language Ruining your Interview Chances?

This infographic covers 4 body language errors that could be ruining your job interview prospects.

3% of 2,000 bosses surveyed by Jobvite indicated they know within the first 90 seconds if they will hire that candidate even though the average length of an interview is 40 minutes. Pretty scary stuff.

These bosses were judging each candidate based on First Impressions, perhaps without even realising it.  And, when it comes to First Impressions, 55% of the impression we make on our interviewer comes from our Body Language.

Many of us have heard these statistics before. So, if we all know how important Body Language is, especially in an interview, why don’t we focus on it when preparing?

One of my friends rarely looks at me when I’m chatting to him.  His eyes are everywhere except on me. It’s quite disconcerting but I accept it as part of the give and take of relationships.This is not going to happen with a stranger. If you alienate a prospective employer at your interview by not obeying the rules of eye contact, for example, it’s all over red rover.

I have never found any correlation between poor interview Body Language and seniority, so it would be dangerous to think that because you currently hold an Executive role, you have left such mistakes behind.  In fact, the standard expected of an Executive is so high that it’s even more critical that you review your ability in this area.

Here are the four most common errors I have encountered as I prepare clients for interviews.