Each program is individually tailored to meet specific needs and participants will develop:

  • a full understanding of their saleable strengths
  • a workable knowledge of their potential market
  • the ability to sell themselves to the decision-makers in their market

In other words, they will know specifically what it is they have to sell, to whom they should sell it, and how to sell it when they get to the decision-maker who can buy it.


We deliver programs of all size and scope throughout Australia.  Instead of founding a national brand, we have found the Best of the Best practitioners in every state of Australia. Through our Alliance we are responsive, caring, expert and well-networked. 

There are profound and fundamental differences between The Career Consultancy National Alliance and other Career Transition providers:

  1. Each and every partner in the Alliance is a career specialist.
  2. We are owner principals who are not obliged to pay fees to a national or international Head Office. Our reduced cost base means that we avoid the constant pressure to minimise service in order to meet budgets.
  3. Each Alliance partner has a deep knowledge and understanding of the job market in that area and excellent local connections.
  4. We offer extra regional offices which means that your employees are able to enjoy face to face contact with their consultants as they complete their programs.


We have not increased our fee schedule since 2008. This reflects our ethical approach. We do not quote a low fee for a program and then ask for more hours. We do not have a ticking clock that monitors each minute. Our consultants care about their work and have a strong tendency to over-service.


We cannot provide excellent service to you without delivering outstanding support to your staff. As our core business, we focus on successful career outcomes and we:

  • Provide a structured, supported and tailored service to allow participants to make informed decisions about their career options and opportunities
  • Minimise the personal trauma of career interruption for the individual and family, and help to maintain dignity and self-esteem
  • Provide support from an experienced Career Consultant with referral to specialist staff where a particular resource is recommended
  • Equip individuals with the skills and tools necessary to compete in today’s competitive job market
  • Increase awareness of skills, experience, achievements, interests and values
  • Deliver practical learning of job search skills including business-focused résumés, strong Cover Letters, job search networking and interview support
  • Offer mentoring and coaching support throughout the program