Have you ever been exposed to Consultant B…S… Bingo?

In my previous life as a generalist HR consultant, I delivered the occasional training course. Here, I faced attendees with varying degrees of enthusiasm and, occasionally, cynicism about the content on offer.  

A couple of times, the groups informed me that they usually played ‘Consultant B…S…Bingo’ when attending a training session – that is, they kept score all day as to how often the consultant used clichés or jargon as part of their content.

I was always relieved that they gave me a score of zero. 

Of course, like all of us, I do occasionally fall into the trap of clichés (‘It’s not rocket science’ comes to mind, for example). However, when I want to convince someone, I call on the full resources of the English language to aid my cause.

Culling and Cleansing

Arguably, a Job Interview is one of the few times in life where a relatively small slice of time will have a massive impact on your life. A mere 45 minutes means the difference between a new job or not, with all of the obvious impacts on your future.

Here are four clichés / boring phrases that are likely to alienate a prospective employer. It’s worth a quick check to see if you use them.

Your Cover Letter and Résumé have won you an interview. It’s now time to impress the hiring manager!

Our 60 second video has tips on what words and phrases to avoid.