During my long years as a career specialist, I have sat opposite some very smart people indeed. Former Rhodes Scholars and CEOs, as well as street smart individuals from many walks of life.

Yet, it’s not unusual for me to face the situation where I do not agree with my client’s proposed job search strategy.

Knowledge is Power

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that let us down. I recently took to a bike in Amsterdam without first checking what their ‘road’ rules were. It was quite a hairy experience and I was lucky not to get bowled over by more than one bike.

When it comes to your career, a similar lack of knowledge can be equally dangerous. It can be the difference between performing well at interviews and bombing out, for example. Or, between coming across as a savvy, appealing candidate in your social media profiles versus appearing out of touch with your personal brand management.

At a minimum, avoiding these errors can save you wasting time and effort in your search for a new job – important issues when you are in the midst of a job change.

My bike riding mistakes came about because I assumed that I knew what I was doing. I was comfortable riding a bike in the streets of Adelaide and never imagined that I needed to skill myself up to perform this activity in a more complicated environment.

And in the careers sphere, why do we make so many simple errors?