This video outlines 4 job search questions for new graduates to consider when on the hunt for a new job.

Are you unknowingly sabotaging yourself in the eyes of your prospective buyer?

Applying for a job and succeeding requires many elements to come together to make the employer think ‘wow, I can’t wait to work with this person’.

It’s all too common for job applicants to make significant errors at key touch points with their target.

Perhaps your résumé   doesn’t convince the hiring manager you have what it takes. Your resume should shine and stand out against your competitors’.

Or, if your interview skills are lacking, this could be hindering your career success. To succeed in an interview you need to prepare and practice.

Then there’s Zoom Interviews which are a whole new kettle of fish. In today’s world, Zoom Interviews (or video interviews) are practically the new norm.

Finally, don’t forget about LinkedIn. LinkedIn plays a key role in your self-marketing activities. You need to look at your profile photo, content and industry norms.

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