Are you one to shy away from negotiating your salary out of fears of sounding too greedy? You need to overcome those fears, otherwise you are at risk of losing out on over $800,000 in your career lifetime.

Skillful salary negotiation requires patience, persuasiveness, poise and persistence.

Our Video has tips to help you master this critical skill and ultimately find happiness at work!

Tip #1: Research market rates.
This is the starting point for the salary you deserve.

Tip #2: Prepare a strong and strategic approach.
Start with your ‘must haves’ and go on from there.

Tip #3: Keep your salary under wraps.
This is a case of ‘whoever reveals their hand first, loses’.

Tip #4: Balance salary, bonus and benefits.
Base salary is usually the most important element.

Tip #5: Delay your response and manage ambiguity.
Never accept an offer immediately. Always wait at least 24 hours.

R..E..S..P..E..C..T (as the song goes). Salary Negotiation is not about greed. It’s about your skill to get what you deserve.