Don’t miss out on winning your dream role by making disastrous interview errors. Here are 7 interview errors to avoid, and tips to help you overcome them.

1. Ill-judged personal appearance. Match the level of formality of the interviewer.  If in doubt, go slightly more formal.

2. Lack of interest & enthusiasm. Think of your voice as an instrument.  Use light & shade, change your volume & speed to keep them interested.

3. Overly aggressive body language. Lean forward slightly towards the other person.  Keep your shoulders back & uncross your arms.

4. Inability to clearly convey information.  Write out your war stories using the PAR or STAR model & then practise, practise, practise

5. Negative attitude about past employers/team members. If possible, button your lips.  If not, shift the focus to your actions that solved the problem.

6. Over emphasis on money. Negotiate… with skill. Get expert advice for the culture/country you’re interviewing in.

7. Lack of sense of humour. Give occasional light-hearted answers.  Bring people to life in your stories so you appear at ease with different personalities.

Steer clear of these errors and you’re well on your way to winning your dream role!