Infographic with tips on how to adopt a power pose before the job interview to help you win the job. By Catherine Cunningham of The Career Consultancy.

This infographic covers tips on how to adopt a power pose to help your confidence shine during a job interview.

You’ve done the hard work preparing for the interview and the day has arrived.

Now picture this. You’re waiting in the Reception area – hunched over your chair, anxiously checking your cell phone and swamped by glum thoughts.

How likely is it that you will be able to flick the button and switch to a smooth, confident performance once you actually meet your interviewers?

Not at all likely.

Intelligence … Fail! Ambition … Fail! Trustworthiness … Fail!

Experiment after experiment highlights the importance of positive Body Language when it comes to making a good First Impression. 

Further confirmation of just how important this is to your job interview success came in a Harvard Business School study done in 2012 which showed that judgements made in the first ten seconds of an interview could predict the outcome of the interview.

This study looked at critical issues such as intelligence, ambition and trustworthiness. Imagine failing to make a good impression in these areas before you even say a word!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can ignore your voice. Nearly 40% of that oh-so-important First Impression comes from the pitch, speed, tone of your voice. And in the end, once people have made it past your Body Language and your Voice, they will still assess the words that come out of your mouth before deciding whether to hire you or not.

However, the fundamental message is that there is no point focusing on your Voice and Words, if you haven’t mastered Body Language.

Body Language rules the World

Your interview is your chance to shine, and you only have one shot at it!

Practise the power pose before your next job interview and your confidence levels will shine.

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