Infographic with tips on how to adopt a power pose before the job interview to help you win the job. By Catherine Cunningham of The Career Consultancy.

Secrets of the power pose. Are you aware of the magic of the Power Pose and how it can transform your interview performance?

This infographic covers tips on how to adopt a power pose to win that job interview.

Judgements about trustworthiness, judgement and ambition are made within 10 seconds in an interview. Much of the impression that we make on strangers comes from our Body Language.

Adopting a power pose before a job interview can help to switch your feelings of powerless i.e. negativity, anxiety and gloom – to a smooth, confident performance.

Research has proved that, during an interview, smiling and nodding, hand-gesturing and leaning forward, increases a person’s chance of being selected.

In primates, open, expansive postures reflect high power & closed contractive postures reflect low power.

It’s too late to adjust your posture once you’re in an interview! Gain a head start before you enter.

Adopting a power pose will help to increase:

  • Feelings of power and dominance
  • Risk-taking behaviour
  • Action orientation
  • Pain tolerance
  • Testosterone

A high power pose can help to reduce your stress, anxiety and cortisol.

Here are the 4 steps to take in 2023 to make a power pose work for you!

Step 1. Find a private space, close your eyes and picture a winner.
Stand tall and straight, chin up, eyes wide open with your arms up high.

Step 2. Hold the position for a couple of minutes.

Allow time for the changes to kick in insude your brain and create power.

Step 3. Back in reception, stretch out and occupy space.

Do NOT look at your phone.

Step 4. Stand tall and walk strongly into the interview room.

Allow your confidence and power to flow into your body language, voice and words.

Take advantage of the secrets of the power pose to beat your competition and win the job.