Infographic on how to brand your cover letter to put you on top of the interview pile.

Create a Great Cover Letter. Tips to Win over potential employers in your Cover Letter

This Infographic covers the essential tips for 2024 to help you brand your Cover Letter to put yours on top of the interviewer’s pile.

The best cover letters are infused with energy, personality and details of skills and achievements.

40% of employers say the Cover Letter is more important than the résumé.

76% of employers will reject a candidate due to poor grammar or a spelling mistake.

23% of employers remove applicants from consideration if their Cover Letter is too long.

43% of employers say the Cover Letter is just as important as the résumé.

The strategy to writing a winning Cover Letter

  1. Write a letter, even if one isn’t requested
  2. Make it specific…generic letters offend hirers
  3. Complement the formality of your resume
  4. Match the content to the seniority of the role
  5. Paint a warm, rich picture of your suitability
  6. Demonstrate you can write correctly and persuasively

Make sure that your Cover Letter uses a modern font in the correct size. Paragraphs should be short and margins should not be too narrow. Keep the length to one page only, unless you are applying for a role in government.

Check the job ad carefully. Ensure that you address critical elements. Be precise. Use exact names and job titles when referencing roles that you have held.

Master the tone. Avoid sterile, bland language. Sound like a real human being. Write in a professionally chatty way. Convince them that you really want THEIR job.

A winning cover letter swings the power to you so that hiring managers start to think ‘Wow, this applicant looks great! Can’t wait to read the résumé.’

Create a Great Cover Letter. It’s not an easy task but it’s critical to your job success.