Are you struggling in interviews, and just not connecting with your potential employer? Communication barriers can be one of the problems. Change your interview communication style with tips from this video.

Our work is based on Carl Jung’s theory “I Speak Your Language” which asserts that under stress i.e. a job interview, most of us favour one of four basic communication styles, with the problem being that people by far prefer to listen to someone with their own communication style. 

Do you struggle to convince a potential employer?

They probably have different communication preferences to you…

I-speak theory suggest we favour 1 of 4 styles:

  • Sensors
  • Thinkers
  • Feelers
  • Intuitors

This can lead to communication problems in interviews.

If you are being interviewed by a Feeler and you are a sensor, they may perceive you as being loud and overwhelming.

If the interviewer is a Sensor, he/she may think Feelers should get to the point & focus on outcomes, rather than talk about people.

Thinkers may find Intuitors are too focused on change, that they are dangerous and belong in a lab, not in the real world.

Intuitors may find Thinkers to be a risk averse and stuck in the past. They worry that they will not be able to adopt change easily and may impede progress.

Here are four tips to help you connect with your interviewer’s preferred communication style.

1:  To connect with Feelers, emphasise the people aspects of your achievements, and talk in a warm manner.

2: To connect with Sensors, get to the point and stress action.  Talk in a fast forceful way.

3:  To connect with Intuitors, emphasise the innovation of your achievements.  Talk quickly with lots of energy.

4:  To connect with Thinkers, stress the factual aspects of your achievements.  Talk in a quiet, formal way.

To succeed in this approach, you need to change WHAT you say and HOW you say it. These are very high-level communication skills. Not many people can master them.

Change your interview communication style. It is difficult but can you rise to the challenge?