Are you are missing out on roles because you are alienating your prospective buyer? Have you ever considered that your voice in an interview is damaging your chances of winning the job.

One of the small but important issues that many people ignore when it comes to managing their performance at interviews, is the sound of their voice.

Does your voice damage you in job interviews?

Do you know what your voice sounds like? Is it an asset or a liability?

Take our ‘animal’ pre-interview sound check to learn more.

Do you squeak like a rat?  

Do your roar like a lion? Do you cluck like a chook?

Do you screech like a bat?

Do you squawk like a parrot?

Do you hiss like a snake?

Or .. are you the ultimate communicator… who purrs like a cat?  Or .. sings like a songbird? 

If you don’t know what your voice sounds like.. why not?

You check what your wear before going out.  Why not check your voice before an interview? 

Make an appointment with a Career Specialist well before your next job interview so that you nail the interview and nail the job.

Tips in this 60 second Video on performing a voice check!