Eliminate Interview body language errors. They can kill your interview. Tips here on what to do about it.

33% of 2000 bosses surveyed knew within the first 90 seconds if they would hire that candidate.  Much of their decision-making was based around the body language of the person being interviewed.

It’s critical that you eliminate these 4 body language errors to win the job.

Error 1:  Fiddling
Twisting the ring.
Jangling the bracelet.
Flicking the tie.
Clicking the pen.
Twirling the hair.
Fingering the beard.  

What to do instead? 
Sit with your arms placed in your lap or on the arms of the chair so that you can use them naturally.

Error 2:  Poor posture
Leaning back with hands behind your head.
Sliding down and leaning away from the interviewer.
Leaning on the boardroom table.
Slumping at the waist with rounded shoulders.
Folding your arms across your torso.  

What to do instead?
Sit in the back of the chair, put your shoulders back and lean forward slightly.

Error 3:  Unpleasant handshake
Giving a limp moist handshake.
Extending your arm straight out in front.
Shrinking the angle so that you’re too close.
Not looking at the other person.

What to do instead?
Look the person in the eye as you shake their hand firmly two or three times.

Error 4:  Poor eye contact
Failing to hold eye contact as a listener.
Failing to manage eye contact as a speaker.
Flickering eye contact as a speaker.

What to do instead? 
Obey the eye contact rules of the culture you are interviewing in.

Increase your interview conversion rate.
Film yourself as you practise: that way, you’ll see whether you have any of these bad habits. Even better: find an astute judge – someone with a supportive yet critical eye to pick up your errors and help you fix them up.

Get started now. Don’t wait till just before your interview. It can take a long time to eliminate a bad habit. If you’re the right person for the job, it’s such a pity to miss out because of superficial issues like this.

Eliminate Interview body language errors and win that job!