Job Interview Types

You’ve heard of a panel interview and a telephone interview – but did you know there are 8 other types of interviews you need to be prepared for?

This video outlines 9 different styles of interviews and what to expect in each one.

#1. Telephone screening interview

This interview is used in hiring managers to save time.  Candidates are eliminated based on essential criteria.

#2. In person screening interview

This interview style is to check candidates’ qualifications for the role & to judge first impressions & culture fit.  It’s conducted by a professional screener.  Selected applicants then meet the hiring manager.

#3. Selection Interview

A selection interview is conducted by the hiring manager.  The purpose is to probe the candidate’s qualifications and assess their personality.

There may be numerous interviews at this stage as hiring managers hone in on the final candidate.

#4. Work sample interview

In this interview, candidates can ‘show their wares’ such as a sales presentation or a graphic art portfolio.

#5. Peer group interview

In this interview applicants have the chance to meet and talk with prospective co-workers.  They are then evaluated by the peer group on how well they fit in.

#6. Panel Interview

A panel interview usually consists of 3 or more interviewers & one of the interviewers is usually the boss.

#7. Lunch Interview

This interview is to assess how well you handle yourself in a social situation. Interviewers may include the hiring manager, the HR team or peer employees.

#8. Stress Interview

In this interview you’re treated as though you’re the enemy.

The ‘interogator’ asks questions that are designed to deliberately make you feel uncomfortable.

#9. Coffee shop interview

A casual interview style where both the candidate and the employer get to know each other without the constraints of a formal interview.

Regardless of the interview style the key to success is preparation!

Job interview types vary and it’s important that you nail your response.