Résumé Achievement Statements are Key

Winning your dream role starts with winning over your prospective employer.

In this video I cover 6 tips on how to write persuasive achievement statements in your résumé.

Tip #1:
Get your thoughts down first. Even if your words seem clumsy, you can refine them later.

Tip #2:
Obey the conventions. Write in the past tense, even if you are talking about your current role.

Tip #3:
Pick up the energy level. Begin each Achievement with a verb e.g. designed, created, delivered, participated.

Tip #4:
Restrict the length of each statement. Stick to one or two lines to avoid exhausting the reader’s attention span.

Tip #5:
Focus on the classic formula. What did you do & what was the result? Quantify where possible.           

Tip #6:
Match the length to your culture. Australian résumés tend to be a bit longer than in the US.

Your achievement statements allow the hiring manager to see the value you’ve added in the workplace.

Strong, persuasive achievement statements will help you stand out from your competitors & gain the interview!