Infographic outlining 7 ways you can charm your interviewer and win the job. By Catherine Cunningham of Adelaide's Career Consultancy.

How to Increase your Likeability and Confidence Score

Tips to charm the interviewer and WIN the job.   People will buy from people they know like and trust.

More likeable leaders had higher odds of getting hired for any leadership position.

Let’s look at some statistics:
1. 67% of bosses say that failure to make eye contact is common.
2. 38% say that a lack of a smile affects their decision.
3. Highly confident candidates were 2.5 times more likely to be hired than less confident applicants.

Here’s your likeability strategy.

1 – Zombies need not apply!
How can you LIKE someone who shows no emotion?
Use gestures to reinforce the emotions behind your speech. Use ‘coffee shop talk’ to sound natural, NORMAL & likeable. 

2 – Lights…Camera…Action!
It’s very hard to like someone who doesn’t LOOK you in the eye.

In Skype, Video & pre-recorded interviews, LOCATE the camera lens & look directly at it. In face to face interviews, obey the eye contact RULES of your society.

3 – Ban the Bland!
Your audience will examine what you WEAR for clues.
Show a bit of personality & flair. Aim for clean lines with a HINT of the unusual.

4 – Reveal something of yourself
Executives who admitted to a major career mistake had a higher rate of re-employment.

Executives who have faced failure & learned from it demonstrate resilience, adaptability & self-awareness. Taking OWNERSHIP without shame meant these executives came across as likeable & confident in interviews.

5 – Lack industry experience? Focus on your strengths
If you have what it takes to do the job, don’t apologise. 

Find the LINK between your background & the requirements of the new role. Analyse the BENEFITS from your background & present them calmly & firmly.

6 – Change the interview tone
Many interviewers believe they are in charge. 

Do not adopt the demeanour of someone who is powerless. Show that you are comfortable with their questions.

7 – Reveal your work rationale
Go beyond the STAR model to answer interview questions. 

Show the employer your workplace philosophy. Reveal the WHY of your behaviour in your answer.
Accept that it’s YOUR job to make the interviewer like you. Ensure the interviewer is relaxed about your competency.   

Confidence & Likeability are essential & it is possible to convey BOTH to a stranger. These tips to charm the interviewer could be the difference between job and no job.

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