Lost your job? It can be extremely difficult navigating through this change.

This video outlines 5 tip to help you transition smoothly (and find a new job).

Tip #1 Identify your ideal world. 
Find a job that best matches your skills, values & personality.  

Tip #2 Manage links with your previous employer.
Clarify referees & the message about your departure.  

Tip #3 Checkout the market.
Find the right organisation for you.  Research and choose carefully.  Take a job for the right reasons.  

Tip#4 Develop your marketing skills & strategy.
Produce a winning résumé, manage LinkedIn & sharpen your interview skills.  

Tip #5 Get out into the market place.
Put your marketing plan into action:  make contacts, promote yourself & when the time comes, negotiate your salary.  

Preparing for career change is a life skill. A career consultant can set you up for ongoing career success!