Most people have heard of job search networking, unfortunately most people misunderstand how to use networking to get a job. They think of sipping Champagne and schmoozing people at a function. Or they ask their contacts if they know anyone who needs someone like them. Neither of these approaches works well.  

There is actually a very specific approach to job search networking. It will require a considerable amount of time and effort…BUT…the rewards will be worth it. Especially if you target a specific sector/industry…or even job!

Instead, in Episode 2 of the Managing your Career in the Corona Virus Season, Catherine will outline how to use Job Search Networking to pick up a job, especially in a time of crisis. 

This is a fantastic but very strict approach so Catherine takes it slowly. This episode talks you through how to conduct your meeting with your Primary Contacts – those people whom you know and whom you first meet to help you along the journey to your job. She will cover the approach to Secondary Contacts in the following episode, so stay tuned!

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