Executive alert! Nail that job Interview.  Tips to convince employers you are a resilient leader.

Resilience & leadership are the ultimate 21st century buzz words.

Resilience and leadership statistics in 2017:

76% of employees didn’t have enough resilience.

67% of world leaders rate strong ethics & a sense of safety as the top leadership qualities.

Here’s how to convince the interviewer you have the goods.

Tip # 1 Visionary. 
Show a clear understanding of leadership and vision.  Provide a compelling example of where you have demonstrated visionary leadership.

Tip # 2 Influential. 
Convince your audience that you are verbally fluent & can influence people.  Use natural coffee shop talk so that you sound nuance and persuasive.

Tip #3 Self aware.
Avoid raising doubts about your levels of self awareness.  Analyse what an employer might be worried about and then deal with it.

Tip #4 Authentic.
An employer really wants someone who is genuine and trustworthy.  Sound like a normal human being and communicate in a subtle, convincing manner. 

Tip # 5 Resilient. 
Highlight work examples where you have overcome significant difficulties and showed high levels of persistence.

Prove you are top of the tree.  Resilience is a personal quality where individuals bounce back in the face of loss.

Resilient leaders do more than bunce back – they bounce forward. 

Provide proof of your resilient leadership qualities at the interview to win the job!

Not sure how to convince a prospective employer you have what it takes?  Make an appointment with a career consultant and take charge of your career.