Hygiene and culture are two very important factors when it comes to retaining great employees. Here are our 9 tips.

Scary Stats: Recent research suggest 38% of Australians are considering resigning in the next 12 months. If you want to retain key staff you need to master both motivating & hygiene factors.

Hygiene Factors.
35% of millennials & 19% of Gen X are likely to leave for better paying job. 
Tip #1 Audit your pay rate against competitors & take action, if needed.

Bad Managers.
6/10 employees say bad managers & team members are why they left.
Tip #2 Start with your worst culprits, then gradually increase your standards so you have fewer & fewer bad employees.

Wasted Time.
62% of workers say wasteful meetings are the no 1 thing in the way of getting work done. 
Tip#3 Investigate best practice productivity ideas e.g. improve the number/conduct of meetings.

16% of employees are looking for a new job because they want flexibility. 
Tip #4 Introduce a Win- Win approach e.g. set minimum hours in the office & allow employees to chose within them.

Employees ranked the causes:  career stagnation, unmanageable workload.  Toxic culture & dated technology.
Tip #5 Ask your employees what the tip 5 burnout problems are. Implement a plan to overcome them.

More than 50% of employees were willing to leave in search of a better culture. 
Tip #6 The CEO/Board needs to ensure that all senior executives truly focus on culture.  Regular staff surveys help check for slippage.

Motivating factors: 

Career Partnership
Career Development ranked 2nd as the reason employees left. 
Tip#7 Talk regularly with employees about internal career moves or development opportunities.

86% of employees said it’s important for employers to provide learning opportunities.
Tip #8 Assess whether face to face training is better than online.  If money is tight, identify free courses.

31% of engaged employees said their employer could do more to improve the employee experience.
Tip #9 Talk to your people. Monthly meetings decrease employee burnout by 39%

Aim for a quick win wo your employees know you want to make their lives better.