In 2023, the job market is tight. This infographic offers 6 recruitment hacks to help you win the top candidates.

Let’s take a closer look at the 6 tips:

1. Perform an initial phone screen
You can pick up so much with 5-10 mins on the phone. Listen to the energy levels in their voice and/or check whether they meet the technical requirements of the job. All this helps you:
a. Eliminate poor candidates
b. Narrow down a large list

2. Incorporate a role play
Start with the key behavioural requirements of the position. Set up a situation which allows them to succeed but which delivers for you as well. A well-constructed role play gives you so much intel:
a. Candidates are faced with behaviour they could never predict
b. After 2-3 mins you learn so much about a person

3. Test technical skills
Fundamentally, you’re hiring someone to perform technical tasks:
a. Ask candidates to come in 30 mins early
b. Create short exercises with a sliding scale of difficulty. These can relate to basic programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can also check their grammar and punctuation levels.

4. Treat poor body language carefully
I often work with clients who bring very poor body language to their interview skills practice sessions. Breaking these rules doesn’t mean they won’t make a great employee:
a. Look beyond what may be superficialities
b. If you’re really worried, check what they’re like in a more relaxed setting later e.g. meet them in a coffee shop

5. Avoid predictable questions
Believe it or not, many candidates prepare for an interview. If you use boring old questions, they could well have prepared a very polished answer. Consider questions the candidate could not possibly expect:
a. Practised interviewees can tell you what you want to hear
b. Uncover the real person behind the polished facade

6. Refine your referee checks
Phone the referee – do not use an online questionnaire:
a. Give the task to someone with skill and insight
b. As the final question, ask: would you hire this person again to do the same job?

Follow these 6 hacks and win the top candidates!