Infographic with tips to help you win that internal role

Win an Internal Job

Win an internal job with our help. This infographic outlines 10 steps to take to help you win that internal role.

Do you find you’ve been applying for those internal roles without much success? Perhaps you need to work on your salary negotiation skills, or follow the dress rules when it comes to job interviews. Find where you’re going wrong & then take necessary action to help you win that next internal promotion.

25% of professionals want an internal promotion, yet 75% of roles are filled externally. 

Tips for winning your next in-house job.

Tip #1
Don’t presume that you are a shoe-in for the role. Treat the interview like the competitive process it is.

Tip #2
Make your changes when they matter.  Dress at the level to which you are aspiring – now!

Tip #3
Tell your current boss you are applying.  You will need to maintain relationships in the future.

Tip #4
Find out how people perceive you. Reshape that reputation during the interview if necessary.

Tip #5
Wear appropriate clothes to the interview.  Dress formally you would if attending an external interview.

Tip #6
Sound enthusiastic in the interview with concrete new ideas for the role.  Research key outcomes needed to succeed in the job.

Tip #7
If you know the manager well, ask how formal the interview will be.  Otherwise strike a tone that is both friendly and professional.

Tip #8
Don’t get defensive about mistakes you’ve made in the past. Be honest and explain what you’ve learned.

Tip #9
Improve your salary negotiation skills.  Assess the range on offer and prove that you offer value.

Tip #10
Don’t take anything for granted. Go through the whole process seriously and with rigour.

Don’t rely on…
1. Your track record
2. That you have done well in the role to date 3. The fact that your employer knows you.

24% of employees leave a job because they miss out on a promotion.  Don’t let it happen to you!