Avoid these 4 errors and win the job!

If you’re not making it through to the interview stage, you may need to find out just where it is you’re going wrong! This short video outlines 8 job application tips, with advice on how to overcome these mistakes.

ERROR #1: Not accessing the LATEST advice about how to create a great LinkedIn profile. Most employers will check out your profile. Make sure your PHOTO and content sells you well.

ERROR #2: Failing to SEPARATE due diligence from selling at a job interview. When asked at the interview if you have questions…Use this opportunity to CONTINUE the ‘selling’ process.

ERROR #3: Applying for a role where you DON’T meet the criteria. To avoid damaging your self-confidence, only apply for roles where you meet MORE than 80% of the criteria.

ERROR #4: Not doing your homework BEFORE the job interview. Don’t underestimate the importance of RESEARCHING the organisation. There is no excuse for NOT doing this & it could cost you the job.

Eliminate these errors and you’re on your way to
WINNING the job!