Key industry resume statistics can help you win a great job.

Unfortunately, your lack of a great résumé could see you missing out on fantastic jobs. Why not tap into the secrets of the experts?

Our video outlines 5 résumé statistics worth considering when applying for your dream role.

Statistic #1: Recruiters take approximately 6 seconds to decide whether to be bothered reading a résumé in full. So your first page needs to have the ‘wow’ factor.

Use each line strategically.  Focus on achievements to provide evidence of your value. Make sure that the content on Page 1 flows easily from one section to the next. Your headings and spacing needs to be logical so that the reader can easily make sense of your content.

Statistic #2: 54% of recruiters will reject a résumé that isn’t customised and tailored.

Identify key words from the ad & position description.

Highlight the top dozen on Page 1 & use metrics to add specifics. Make sure that you are precise in your descriptions so that the reader can easily match your achievements to their needs.

Statistic #3: 67% of recruiters look for relevant job experience. Include a brief description of previous employers to show you come from a similar background & use industry-specific language in your achievements.

Statistic #4: 60% of recruiters use your résumé to assess cultural fit. So, include a brief description of previous employers to show that you come from the same industry and make sure you use industry-specific language.

Statistic #5: 69% of résumé errors involve missing accomplishments. So, always be specific about where you added value.

Follow the pattern:  action + Result

Use the past tense & quantify results, where possible. Keep your achievements to one or two lines. Remove any technical words that would only relate to that employer and which might not be relevant to the recruiter’s business.

It’s time to beat the statistics and win that interview!