Infographic with 5 tips for Uni students to help them pick up their first job straight from uni

Graduate Employment: It’s time to get it right!

Graduate employment is one of the most difficult career steps in your life. Graduating from Uni is a wonderful time in your life but finding a job can be tough.

6 months is the average time it takes grads to get their first job.

44% of recent graduates found it difficult or extremely difficult to find a job.

This infographic outlines 5 tips for Uni students to help to help them win a great job.

1: Go beyond graduate level technical skills to surpass your competitors e.g. ask yourself what skills a second or even third year graduate would have and then attain them.

2. Keep up to date with technological changes in recruitment practices e.g. watch out for ATS software that may screen out your résumé.

3. Hone your communication skills to better influence others e.g. improve your literacy skills and make sure that you communicate in a suitable way for a sophisticated workplace. Learn how to vary the tone according to the formality of the medium.

4. Start a job-ready group with your friends. Target Cover Letters, resumes and interview skills. Meet at least once a week in the early stages and then once a month until you all have jobs.

5. Tap into external career expertise and operate at Best Practice level. Access tips and tricks from career experts via the internet or book in with a career practitioner. Cover each job search element so that there are no missing links.

Ideally, if you’re a Uni student you should implement these strategies 12 months before you want your job. That way, you’ll move seamlessly into a great job.