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A question to ask yourself at the start of 2022 is – how satisfied are you at work? In Episode 35 of Career Chinwags for the 21st Century I use an eclectic mix of big picture items and practical suggestions to enhance your work happiness and success this year. Listen in for your 8 insider tips for career success in 2022.

Perhaps it’s time to switch from negativity to new, positive emotions about your career.

The 8 tips I cover are:

Tip #1: Consider micro-credentials

Tip #2: Meet new people

Tip #3: Take a new broom to your job

Tip #4: Meet with your boss to clarify aims for the year

Tip #5: Gird your Loins

Tip #6: Turn the Table on Employers

Tip #7: Understand that Coding is the new Orange

Tip #8: Talk to your bosses about options

Whatever you do, don’t let your career changes fall by the wayside, like so many of our New Year resolutions to get fit or lose weight.

Choose the three most relevant items from the tips above. Find a support person to help you identify concrete actions with timelines and KPIs attached.

Then as per Nike, just do it!

And this time, my signature hashtag is 100% apt…

… #whynotbehappyatwork

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