Infographic on 8 styles of Interviews and how to prepare. By Catherine Cunningham. Career Consultant in Adelaide South Austrlaia.

Job Interviews 101

Here are 8 styles of interviews that hiring managers use when narrowing down to the winning candidate.

  1. A phone screening interview – used by 57% of hiring managers
  2. A video screening interview – since COVID, 75% of employers use video interviews
  3. In-person screening interview – most often conducted by a professional in HR
  4. Work sample interview – this is where applicants can ‘show their wares’ such as a photographer or graphic designers portfolio
  5. Peer group interview – potential co-workers will evaluate whether you are a good ‘fit’ for the organisation
  6. Lunch Interview – this is to assess how you behave in a social setting
  7. Stress interview – used to determine how well you would handle stress in the job
  8. A panel interview – approximately 48% of interviews consist of up to 5 members.

Each of these interview style comes with its own key elements you need to consider when preparing on the day.

The job interview is definitely an exciting stage of your job search. Especially when it’s your dream job at stake! So it pays to do your homework and get it right.

This latest Infographic provides tips on how to prepare for each of these 8 different styles of interviews.