It’s not uncommon to work in the same job for years, only to realise that you are not actually happy where you are. If you’re feeling stuck, bored, or just lost in your career, there are steps you can take to help you reclaim your happiness at work.

In Episode 7 of Managing your Career during the Corona Virus Season Catherine covers 4 tips to help you find the ‘ideal’ job. She talks about the important self-assessment tools used to determine what a ‘perfect’ career might look like. 

The self-assessment tools include:

– Myers Briggs Type Indicator

–  Career Values

–  Career Skills and Interests

– Rate Workmates and Work Environment

It is possible to work in your dream career, you just need to take practical steps to make it happen.

References in this episode:
Dario Nardi’s youtube talk on his research on Neuroscience of Personality.

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