Professional woman shaking another woman's hand in an interview setting. Image used to describe the podcast episode: 9 Killer Resume Statistics to Help you Win an Interview.

If you’re applying for jobs but not making it to the interview stage, it’s most likely a problem with your pre-interview documents (i.e. your Cover Letter or résumé).

Your job application documents are what will set you apart from your competitors, and need to impress the hiring manager so that they want to interview you and find out more.

In Episode 27 of Career Chinwags for the 21st Century, Catherine looks at some obvious and not so obvious statistics about résumés so that you can audit your document and make any necessary changes. She covers 9 résumé statistics from key sources such as Glassdoor, Jobvite, Careerbuilder and Zety so that you make it to the interview stage. 

The statistics she covers in detail are

  1. Recruiters take an average of six seconds to scan a résumé
  2. 54% of recruiters will reject a résumé that isn’t customized and tailored
  3. 67% of recruiters look for relevant job experience
  4. 75% of employers caught a lie on a résumé
  5. 60% use your résumé to assess cultural fit 
  6. 62% of employers are specifically looking for soft skills
  7. 72% of résumé errors come from the miscommunication of skills
  8. 16% of employers want a résumé to contain links to personal blogs, portfolios or websites
  9. 69% of résumé errors involve missing accomplishments

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