Are you struggling to impress your potential employer during interviews. Battling career ageism can be tough.

Over 40 & struggling with your career? Feel like the world has passed you by? Don’t let your age get in the way of your career. Follow these tips in our Infographic and you will find career happiness in 2024 is within your reach.

Defeat career ageism so that winter never comes.    4 tips to win your next job in spite of your age.  

Tip 1:  Update your appearance. 
If you look old-fashioned, people presume that you are. Aim for stylish & slightly edgy clothes… hair… makeup.  

Tip 2:  Create a strong online presence. 
Nothing screams resistant to change more than an older worker not on LinkedIn. Upload a professional headshot.  Publish recommendations about your work.  Post interesting content.  

Tip 3:  Update your technical skills. 
No one says ‘we’re not going to hire you ‘cos your excel skills are too good’. Enrol now in training:  Word… Excel… industry software. 

Tip 4:  Hone your interview skills. 
The minute an older worker walks into an interview, the employer’s antennae are on alert. Sharpen your skills. Sound keen & energetic.  Talk about change, give proof of IT skills.  

Tip 5 – Access emotional & strategic support.
Winter need not come!   Life really can begin at 40…or 50…or 60.   See a career specialist now.