If you’re a university graduate in 2023, you probably already know that finding a job is not as easy as it seems. Here are some great graduate social media hacks.

Statistics reveal that in 2016, 200 532 Australian Uni Students graduated in 2015 but there were only vacancies for 5182.

Employers now hire half as many people as they used to, pay them twice as much and expect them to produce three times the amount of work.

To help you win against your competitors, this infographic provides crucial tips on video interviews, social media etiquette and the 4 ways to find a job.

Tip 1: Clean up your social media
As long ago as 2015, 69% of recruiters rejected candidates based on their social media profiles. Check whether your friends leak your content.

Tip 2: Master online interviews
Get the technology right. Test your setting and close down any large programs that might slow down your connection. Check your lighting. Make it flattering with no shiny spots or dark shadows on your face.

Dress sharply and professionally. Stick with solid colours: dress in light colours against a dark background and vice versa. Avoid black and choose dark blue instead. Don’t ignore the bottom half of your body – avoid track suit bottoms!

Do your homework and research the organisation. Analyse what it is that the employer is seeking. Make sure you prepare your interview content to address how you match this need.

Tip 3: Vet your Job Search
There are only 4 ways to win a new job and it’s important to succeed in each one. They are: Advertised role; Recruiter; Cold Call and Networking, with this last option by far the most important.

Tip 4: Don’t leave it till the last minute
Start now and create your plan. Access the latest career advice from experts and set an Action Plan with concrete KPIs.