Podcast with career tips, war stories and quotes to help guide you in your career

In Episode 29 of Career Chinwags for the 21st Century Catherine talks through tips, war stories and famous quotes to offer career guidance.

She starts by delving into her tip ‘the first step after getting laid off is to mourn the loss and move on’. She offers practical steps you can take, including how many hours a day you should be focussing on your job search.

She then covers a true career war story, and lessons learnt from this: Such as, it can be dangerous to listen to what one person has to say about an organisation. Take a broader approach and use other resources available (such as Glass door and LinkedIn).

Lastly, she talks through a famous quote by Steve Jobs ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet keep looking don’t settle’. She discusses what the quote means, and breaks it down into real-world terms. Basically, you need to identify your key-drivers, what does your ideal world/career look like? Focus on this, and find a job that suits.

To achieve success, it is important to find a job which best matches your skills, values, beliefs and goals. So, review your career path to date, explore possible future directions and map out your strengths, interests and key values.

She also discusses what is known as the bell curve of satisfaction, and that if you are considering leaving your job because you’re not happy, it’s best to leave when you’re on top of the bell curve. Leave on the positive side, not when you’re totally bored and unhappy.

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