Tips to help you build your self-confidence at work in 2022.

A lack of self-confidence in the workplace can act as a barrier on your career. Unfortunately women tend to be less confident than men.

This infographic outlines 3 steps you can take as a women to help gain confidence in the workplace.

Does a lack of self confidence act as a brake on your career? You’re not alone. 

By mid career, only 57% of women believe they can advance to senior roles. 3 tips to shine at work and highlight your true value

Issue 1. 
In meetings, women tend to speak up less and are interrupted more often.

Tip 1
Sit at the front of the boardroom table.
Don’t wait for pauses in meetings.
Don’t apologise for taking the floor.
Speak calmly & assertively.

Issue 2.
Women tend to downplay or dismiss their accomplishments

Tip 2
Analyse your specific contributions.
Shift your focus from errors made to wins achieved.
Describe your accomplishments with enthusiasm.
Avoid minimising your role. 
Ban the phrase, ‘I’m quite good’.

Issue 3.
Women often need to take specific steps to boost their confidence

Tip 3
Build ties with a strong tribe of friends & mentors.
Start a brag book – a journal to record your best achievements.
Glance through the book on tough days to boost your spirits.
Expand your network & extent it beyond women’s circles.  
Take specific steps to boost your confidence. It’s a muscle you have to continue working on.