Infographic on 6 resume statistics with tips to help you win the interview. By Catherine Cunningham - Adelaide Career Consulting.

Résumé errors to avoid so that you make it to the interview and so that your interviewer can’t wait to meet you!

On average, each corporate job attracts 250 résumés. Of those candidates, 4 to 6 will make it to interview and only one will win the job, of course.

It’s important that YOUR document stands out from the crowd, for the right reasons.

6 important résumé statistics to consider to win that job.

Key points to consider:

1 – Recruiters take 6 seconds to scan a résumé. Here – less is more. If you don’t win them on page 1, your campaign is over. Every line on this critical page is worth its weight in gold. Choose wisely. Get to the point. Focus on Achievements rather than Responsibilities.

2 – 54% of recruiters reject a generic résumé .
Identify key words from the ad and position description. Choose the top 15 and highlight them on page 1. Use metrics to add specific detail.

3 – 16% of recruiters want a résumé that links to a personal blog, portfolios or website. Check that all content is suited to the local culture. In Australia, of example, it is important not to promote yourself too overtly.

Blogs should have a tone that is in sync with the culture of the employer. Websites should be clean and modern in style. Portfolios can consist of written or visual content.

4 – 69% of résumé errors involve missing achievements.

Follow the pattern: action + result. Paint a precise picture of the value you added to your employer in each job.

5 – 60% of employers use your résumé to assess cultural fit.

Use language from their sector which they would relate to

6 – 67% of recruiters look for relevant job experience.

Include a 4-5 line table with most relevant roles.

These statistics were found from key sources such as Glassdoor, Jobvite, Careerbuilder and Zety. These recruiters see thousands of résumés each year. Why not listen to what they have to say?